Marcelo Cervone is an actor-musician known for fronting the alternative rock band, The Vone, and for his role as Rio in CBBC's Andy and the Band.

Brazilian born actor/musician Marcelo Cervone was raised in Portugal and currently lives in London. Having traveled through a variety of countries his music and performances reflect the influence of the various cultures he's been exposed to. With sometimes a comic twist Marcelo's music always looks to share the collective experience he's been privileged to have had - often portrayed in the multitude of rhythms, ranging from samba to blues, that are present in his songs. He particularly enjoys bending genres in his song-writing and compositional style, fusing together funk, pop, punk, emo and alternative rock to create his fresh sound. Subscribe below for updates directly from Marcelo. 




film music composer

"Imagine If Black Boys Just Smiled at Each Other" recently won the best short film award at Boundless Film Festival. 

Marcelo wrote the original soundtrack for the short and it will be available on streaming platforms soon. 

The film, which is part-funded by Channel 4, was Marcelo's first opportunity to write music for a professional motion picture.

The film will be released in the autumn of 2023.  

This is the origins of Marcelo's film music career. He composed the music for this short at university level and it was one of the first opportunities he had to write music for film. 

Since then he's had the privilege of working with All Mixed Up Productions on two short films. Both are currently doing the festival circuit in the UK and one of them, pictured above, has won the Boundless Film Festival award for best short film. 


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